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LCD Instalation

The satellite and aerial specialist can also cover all your needs if you require a flat screen TV fitted to the wall. We have in the past fitted many flat screen TV”s on walls ...

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Digital Upgrade

The satellite and aerial specialist is probably the only company in the south west that can meet your needs if you are wanted to have what we call a motorised satellite installed. ...

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New Aerial

At the satellite and aerial specialist we offer a service to supply and fit you with a digital aerial which will give you all you need to receive digital TV....

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European Sat.

The satellite and aerial specialist also specialist in fixed dishes for european channels. A lot of our customers are German , Spanish and French speaking ...

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What We Do…

The satellite and aerial specialist can offer you a very wide range of satellite and aerial services which can cover anything from wide band digital radio aerial to european satellite stations.

We offer a very competitive service and can usually see you the same day if not the next day and we try to fit our service around you and understand that people have very busy lives so we do try to get to you at your convenience.

We offer anything from radio aerial, tv aerial, satellite dishes for free-sat or sky and also communal systems and fibre optic fed systems.

All our aerials if fitted outside are fitted on a galvanised steel pole which will not rust and should last a good 30 years.

We try to accommodate you with two different coax cable colours which is usually white or black so as not to stand out against a different colour wall as a lot of people don't want the cable to stand out too much but we do take particular care in running the cable down behind drain pipes where possible to hide it.

We also take particular care and will run the cable through lofts and try to hide cables where it is possible also running them out side the house rather then through the house as it's always better to have less cables indoors.

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If you require freesat there are three options of receiver.
- Standard definition, this one will give you 520i which is just like watching tv as you always have done.
- High definition, which will give you 1080i on channels that are broadcasting in this format however you will also receive non high definition in 520i if they are not broadcasting the higher format.
- High definition with record facility, this is the same as the above but you also have a built in hard drive which can record two different channels at once enabling you to watch one of them while doing so, or watch a recorded program at the same time as recording two channels.


We can provide distribution of satellite and aerial signals all around your home, apartment or business premises and this is what we call a communal system.
Watch the same or independent tv services through the same system be it two rooms or two hundred rooms and it is all possible through a communal system.


As long as it's economically viable we can cover all of devon and cornwall but most of the time we work within a forty mile radius of plymouth for your every day needs, ie, installation of aerials and satellite dishes, if you would like a quote for something a little bit more complicated, ie, motorised satellite installation we will be happy to discus your needs with us at any time and we can give you a POA if required, please contact us with any thing you may like to discuss.


In and around Plymouth aerial signals have improved quite dramatically since the digital switch over, this enables us to do extremely discrete installations of aerials hidden away either in your loft space, on the back of your house, in some cases even in the basement and this all depends on your location, we will find out where the strongest signal is at your property and advice accordingly to where we recommend the aerial be situated.

About Us

The satellite and aerial specialist is a family based team that works out of plymouth and the surrounding areas. We have over 20 years experience in satellite aerial installation.